About the Artist


Growing up in diverse environments that were full of creativity, vibrancy and various genres of art, Cicely has been exposed to the arts as long as she can remember. Cicely was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and Lacey, Washington. She currently lives and works in Frisco, Texas as an entrepreneur, owner, visual artist, web and graphic designer of Cicely’s Jazzy Art. While in grade school Cicely discovered her interest in art and started competing in local art contests. After graduating from River Ridge High School, Cicely later attended Xavier University of Louisiana where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and minored in Visual Arts. She recently earned a Master of Arts degree in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Cicely has produced professional works of artistry with diverse themes and mediums for almost a decade. Her favorite mediums are pencil, acrylic and digital. Starting her business while in undergrad and working her business part-time for approximately 8 years has lead her to operating full-time since 2015. She has had the opportunity to work with various colleges and universities, sororities and fraternities and other major local and national organizations. With a unique eye for color, Cicely regularly creates commissioned and personalized artwork. Beyond her love for creating original art, she specializes in functional art, which consists of art cutting boards and coasters. Clients can incorporate these pieces in practical ways.

She has exhibited and been the featured artist at the Red River Revel, Essence Music Festival, International Quilt Festival, Frisco in the Square, Zulu on the Bayou and Junior League, Deck the Halls. She has participated in the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Arts and Letters programs and assisted Jack and Jill of America, Inc. with creative projects. Within these opportunities, she has given presentations to people of all ages and ethnicities, where she speaks about her experience becoming an entrepreneur and the demands of being a full-time artist.

Cicely is inspired to help others and loves sharing her love and knowledge of the arts. She feels that we need to express ourselves through art and need to surround ourselves with the expressions of others. Her top goals are to teach part-time on a collegiate level, open her own art gallery, as well as, start an arts and technology foundation for underprivileged youth and senior citizens.


I started using my right brain, along with my left hand to create eye-catching art creations. My love for art began prior to elementary school where my knowledge and art skills started developing. I absorb creative juices from my surroundings and use various art techniques acquired through my own inventions and through formal education.

I am a graduate of Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a minor in Visual Arts. I earned a Master of Arts in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas. I am the owner and CEO of Cicely’s Jazzy Art (CJA). My goal is to start an art foundation within the next 2 years to provide unique and meaningful art and technology programming for children, young adults and senior citizens.

CJA is my fun and clever alter ego. It is a collection of colorful and diverse artwork. When I create my original images on canvas and present it on cutting boards, coasters and/or wearable art, it is my unique way of making art functional, offering GREAT FINDS FOR EVERYONE. It can brighten you home décor, serve your favorite hors d’oeuvres or treat your family and friends to a beautiful and heartwarming gift.

I work in various mediums such as pencil, graphics, printmaking, acrylic and mixed media. I enjoy working with texture, black and white and vibrant colors. My current body of work include imagery of faces, popular places and abstract figures. I not only want to capture these images with my brushes or graphic tools, but strive to make images unforgettable to the viewer by careful, colorful and intentional strokes.